After the battle, the League of Villains joins up with the Meta Liberation Army : Mangamefi

All For One’s henchmen, Doctor Kyudai Garaki and Gigantomachia, challenge

Doctor Kyudai Garaki and Gigantomachia, two of All For One’s henchmen, challenge Tomura Shigaraki to prove that he is deserving of the position of All For One’s heir. During their

confrontation with All For One, the League of Villains runs across these characters.

These characters are encountered by the League of Villains as they go up against All For One. When the League first arrives in Deika City, they are met by Re-powerful Destro’s

When the League first arrives in Deika City, they are met by the strong, Re-Destro-led Meta Liberation Army. The

League of Villains joins the Meta Liberation Army to establish the Paranormal

After the battle, the League of Villains joins up with the Meta Liberation Army to establish the Paranormal Liberation Front. Hawks, in the meanwhile, goes undercover and is

Hawks goes underground in the meanwhile and is finally able to put together the data gathered from his study. Shigaraki engages

Shigaraki takes part in a procedure with Dr. Garaki in order to develop his maximum strength. The Hero Public Safety Commission agrees to order an extra round of Hero Work-Studies in the meantime. Todoroki invites Izuku and Bakugo to accompany him to the Endeavor Agency since he has nowhere else to go. Endeavor first hesitates, but after receiving a message from Hawks in code, he finally caves and begins to teach his interns how to harness their unique talents. After another three months, the Heroes attack the Paranormal Liberation Front while the Hero Students are charged with rescuing the populace. Izuku and his group of Heroes fight Shigaraki, who is affected by All For One, during the struggle. The events that occur allow Izuku to acquire Float and Danger Sense, two of One For All’s early Quirks. Even though some of the Pro Heroes who were still alive were able to stay on the front lines and some others were successful in evacuating the population, they were unable to stop Shigaraki and the League from escaping.

The Heroes proceeded to rescue victims and catch criminals while also dealing with their own deaths as a consequence of the events that had place, which left a large number of cities completely devastated. In the meanwhile, the ordinary public started to lose faith in the hero society. All For One and the others eventually got out of Tartarus as the Nomus attacked. Endeavor and his family resolve their differences on Toya, Shoto’s brother Dabi’s real identity and a member of the League of Villains, so that they may cooperate to find a solution. Izuku decides to devise a plan to “rescue” Shigaraki without really putting his life at risk as he acquires more understanding of the mysteries surrounding One For All. Now that All For One has escaped arrest and the secrets of “One For All” have started to reach the public, Izuku decides to leave U.A. in order to protect his pupils from possible damage while aiding the Pro Heroes in their search of the criminals. Not long later, Izuku exhibits the Smokescreen quirk he received from the One for All’s last user. Then he goes on to demonstrate how it was used in the conflicts with Muscular and the former hero Lady Nagant. Izuku’s students decide to find him after seeing how difficult it is for him to go on battling alone, and they are finally successful in doing so. Izuku ultimately succumbs to exhaustion to the point where he accepts Bakugo’s apologies for everything he’s done in the past. He is brought back to U.A. to recover, where the locals first mock him, but after hearing Ochaco Uraraka’s speech, they change their minds and let him stay.

Shigaraki’s body is almost ready, therefore All Might has urgently asked the other Heroes for help. the coming of Star and Stripe, America’s No. 1 Pro Hero, who will aid in defeating the enemy. Shigaraki, however, puts up a fight and adopts New Order, Shigaraki’s Quirk, to assist All For One in achieving their goal. He decides to leave when he has done decomposing her since the New Order is causing chaos in the world of All For One Quirk vestiges. The Class 1-A and Pro Heroes who are still alive are preparing to deploy their combined troops to directly confront the enemies in fight and end the conflict. However, things get more challenging when it is discovered that Yuga Aoyama is the “U.A. traitor,” having been granted All For One’s Quirk and been forced into serving as a spy for the villain within U.A. out of worry for the safety of his parents. Despite the betrayal, the class recognizes his true goals and decides to support him in his attempt to redeem himself by fighting the All For One movement. The climactic battle between the Heroes and the Villains will decide the fate of the world. The Heroes are successful in utilizing Eraser Head’s plan to lure the Villains out of hiding, where they are then divided apart to keep them from working together. Todoroki gets Dabi unconscious, while Bakugo is severely hurt by Shigaraki.

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